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Biometric Blood Testing

Understanding more is the key to better patient outcomes.

Supreme Biometric Blood Testing

Biometric Screening

Our biometric blood testing helps you screen for potential red flags that could compromise overall health and wellness.

Supreme Medical Laboratories offer health and wellness bio metric screening which evaluates the body as a whole, with a unique perspective focused on the relationship of one body system to another as well as potential nutrient imbalances and toxic overload that may compromise these relationships.

Blood chemistry analysis can make all the difference when accurately accessing a patient’s overall health and wellbeing. This includes physiological and biochemical state, disease and organ function, and the presence of any infectious diseases.

At Supreme we provide comprehensive biometric panels that simplify things for the practitioner. These panels include areas such as:


Comprehensive Bio Metric Panels Complete Wellness Panel (Male & Female) Pre-operative Surgical Panel Post-operative Surgical Panel Advanced Lipid Heart Panel Additional Premium Tests

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All panels can be modified based on patient-specific needs.

Tests are available to order a la carte.